To be successful, a marketing campaign needs to be fresh, innovative, and direct. As mobile phones continue being the indomitable gadget for everyday use, it makes sense to include Bulk SMS for a deeper and direct marketing approach.

In an epoch when internet plays a vital role to provide immense brand marketing opportunities though social networks, video clips, interactive games and ebooks, the Bulk SMS software uses same internet to send text messages to various subscribers. With a very individualistic appeal and high potential to spread in a tick, this technique possesses great potential to make your advertisement campaign go viral instantly. But does this idea of marketing through text messages validate on three critical factors to make it a practical way of advertisement especially in India? Let’s find out:

Three Critical Factors for Any Marketing Effort:



Bulk SMS in India is a time saving solution in which thousands (more if you want) of promotional text messages can be sent to mobile users swiftly. You just need to get the mobile numbers of the people who are in consent to get messages. By using the SMS gateway all the consumers in the list would receive the message immediately. This saves time and effort that you would otherwise invest in sending these messages individually.


This idea can work wonders for your business promotion without harming your marketing budget. Most of the messaging software and apps are free. You just need to connect to internet and run your free application to find the best provider who may either be offering free or low priced group messaging services. The gateway uses internet connection to send the messages to selected mobile consumers.


Any type of business organization can use SMS applications to enhance their marketing effort at a low price. As a resource, you only need a computer, high speed internet connection and the list of mobile numbers. The best part about the service is that text messages can be kept for future reference or resend. This feature provides it an upper edge over other ways of marketing for being extremely resourceful.

Continuous communication can eliminate the distance between the company and the consumer; bulk SMS serves as the best bridge. Low budget messaging facilities can make small businesses with lower marketing budget to effervescently compete with giant businesses and at elaborated budget.