Bulk SMS Mantra has been providing incredible services to businesses in and around Delhi to help them boost their business revenue through increasing their sales. This has been achieved through the use of bulk SMS. These are text messages containing latest updates and news about the company, its promotional offers, new launches of services or products, etc. These are sent to a large number of mobile phone subscribers simultaneously in both the domestic and international networks of various mobile networks.

Bulk SMS as a marketing tool

Bulk SMS helps the company to inform their existing customers as well as new customers about the latest happenings in the company in a more cost effective fashion. Using bulk SMS through bulk SMS Service provider in Delhi, businesses can be sure that their messages are indeed reaching clients on time. Even if the client is out of network coverage area, the message will still reach the inbox as soon as the cell phone is back into an area where there is network coverage. This means that messages sent through bulk SMS reaches the customers on time, every time. Bulk SMS also ensures that messages are not ignored by customers like they would be if it were sent in an email, which can easily reach the spam folder and never be seen again. With the bulk SMS system, messages cannot be ignored as everyone will reach for their phone as soon as they hear the message notification alert.